FlexiSIGN v 11

 Welcome to SAi Flexi and PhotoPRINT 11 Cloud
Flexi and PhotoPRINT are some of the world's most advanced sign-making and digital printing software and we have added many new features based on your feedback.
Operating Systems Supported
Windows 8 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Windows 8 Pro 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Windows 8 Enterprise (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor  Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Windows Vista Business 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Installing on a Mac using parallells or bootcamp is not recommended and not supported

SAi Flexi and PhotoPRINT 11 Cloud
Build 2145
1 November 2014

New and Improved
Added a Zoom to Actual Size icon to the Zoom Toolbar of Default Workspace.
Preferences can now be easily exported and imported. Exporting preferences stores all Flexi and Production Manager setups into a single file that can be used as a backup.
Total Size has been added to the Layout tab of Production Manager. The displayed values take into account any print marks, finishing tools and labels that were added to the original job.
The checkbox for switching Shadow Transparency on has been moved to the top menu in Design Central so it is easier to see if transparency is on or off.
Added Rational Angled Screen Dither.
It is now possible to send the Contour Cut Paths in the Send to Versaworks and Send to Rasterlink dialogs.
Added Contour Cut paths to Print options of File >Print
Aristo Registration marks have been added both to Production Manager and Design products that have the option Contour without RIP enabled. Via the Options dialog, the diameter of the marks and the amount can be specified.
Summa barcodes can now be placed on both sides. In this case, two cut jobs are generated: one for normal orientation and one for flipped orientation.

OPOS and OPOS XY are now available in the Contour without RIP option.
It is now possible to specify margins, length and thickness for the Mimaki Auto cut Marks
Added support for the Xrite IO i1Pro2
Print Negative has been added to all cutter marks. This feature is used mainly with reflective substrates that may cause problems for the sensor to read the marks. Negative Registration Marks leave the actual mark blank but print a black square around them.
The time for the initial media synchronization with HP Latex 300 Series has been reduced significantly.
Flexi will now detect automatically when a new media is loaded on an HP Latex 300 Series printer and will apply the media name, width and matching icc profile automatically. This setting can be turned on or off in Setup Properties by unchecking the option “Automatically apply loaded media”.
When an HP Latex 300 Series Printer is added, Flexi will now automatically import all icc profiles for all media.
Added the option “ Selection only” to Send as Mail for PDF and JPG
Dimension tools now use the default fill and stroke as defined in the Fill/Stroke Editor instead of default black.

Bug Fixes
Soft masks are now rasterized for EPS export to preserve proper transparencies.
Fixed an issue with exporting nested soft masks to PDF.
More COM ports have been added to configure spectrophotometers.
Wireframe brushes are now printed with correct line thickness.
Object Color Control changes are now maintained after restarting production manager.
Fix a bug that rendering intent might be applied incorrectly when there is advanced color mapping.
Improved rendering of thin strokes in the job properties preview.
The default label size for the margin mark has been changed to 0.05 inch.
Tiff files with a full path that exceeds 132 characters will now open correctly.
Fixed an issue with contour cut jobs added directly to production manager, that the page advance for multiple copies might be wrong if the job is scaled.
Underbase now applies correctly to files containing objects with very small holes.
In case of nested jobs, color bands will now apply one single set to the whole job. Ink limits will now be applied to the color bands.
Repeat Job for hybrid jobs will now use the correct count.
Added OPOS marks to the Summa D120.
When printing .fs files directly from Production Manager, Flexi will now use text outlines for missing fonts if the outlines are available.
Fixed a mismatch between preview and output for printing nested multipage .PDF files.
Fixed an issue in loading standard methods and colors from the Zund Cut Center.
The Contour without RIP feature can now recognize contour cut paths in imported files.
The labels for the Orange and Green channels in spot color mapping for the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer are now correct.
Transparency on text is now maintained when converting to outlines.
Cut paths are now correct when using digitized alignment.

Set the correct range for custom registration marks for the Mutoh Valuecut
Fixed a crash that might occur when creating a dimension label on a masked object.
Offsets in the Cut/Plot dialog are now reset when the object selection is changed.

The preview of split lines in the Cut/Plot dialog when the cutter uses left origin is now correct.

 Fixed an issue with the Barbieri Spectropad.
No Fill can now be set as a default.
The Roland GX-640 no longer adds spaces between panels of tiled jobs.
Fixed an issue with OPOS XY in combination with multiple copies.
OPOS barcode now works correctly for nested jobs
Flexi will now remember the Send Mode in the Rip and Print dialog after restarting Flexi.
Removed the margin from the Fotoba Horizontal Marks.
Improved the nesting of jobs with similar dimensions and multiple copies.
Printing separations as spot in grayscale mode will no longer print inverted.
 Disabling a color in the Cut/Plot dialog for cut jobs is now reflected correctly in the preview.
Fixed an issue with scaling pattern fill when exported to PDF.
Improved the opening speed of EPS files containing thousands of sub paths.
Fixed an issue with True Shape nesting of circles.
The services SAiDownloaderVista & SaiDownloaderVistaUI are no longer used and will not be installed.
License Manager now shows a button for offline licensing, which can be useful in case of unstable internet connections.
Nesting of contour cut jobs sent from Flexi is now disabled so that print and cut jobs can no longer mismatch.
PhotoPRINT DX will now rip the preview of contour cut jobs instead of using the embedded preview in order to allow configuring the contour cut settings without having to rip the job first.
Fixed an issue with changing setup names containing only Japanese characters.
Nesting jobs on the HP Latex 360 with Dual Side Printing now works correctly.
Fixed an issue in Job Properties that for contour cut jobs sometimes the option to select the cutter would disappear after closing and reopening the dialog.
 The preview of jobs with transparent objects now renders correctly.

New Printer Drivers
AZONColor : AZONColor ES4
DYSS: GM-3042-CMYK_W, GM-6042-CMYK_W, GM-3042-Turbo-CMYK_W, GM-6042-Turbo-CMYK_W, GM-3042-CMYK_WV, GM-6042-CMYK_WV, GM-3042-Turbo-CMYK_WV, GM-6042-Turbo-CMYK_WV, GM-GF2613-12F
EastSign: EastSign EX3-ECO-S, EastSign EX3-ECO-D, EastSign EX3-DYE-S, EastSign EX3-DYE-D, EastSign EX3-TEX-S, EastSign EX3-TEX-D, EastSign EX8-ECO-D, EastSign ECP-35, EastSign ECP-48, EastSign ECP-63, EastSign ECP-400, EastSign ECP-600
Helitin: HT-P600-Water, HT-P900-Water, HT-P1200-Water, HT-P1600-Water, HT-P1800-Water, HT-P600-Eco, HT-P900-Eco, HT-P1200-Eco, HT-P1600-Eco, HT-P1800-Eco

Hewlett-Packard: DesignJet Z5400, HP Latex 3000, DesignJet D5800 60, HP Latex 360 Printer, HP Latex 330 Printer, HP Latex 310 Printer
Mimaki: JFX500-2131
Mutoh: VJ-1626UH, VJ-628, VJ-426UF, VJ-1626UHEU, VJ-628EU, VJ-426UFEU
 Roland: VersaUV LEF-12, VersaUV LEF-20, VersaEXPRESS RF-640
Summa: DC5, DC5sx
Xenons: Xenons 4740ASW-Hybrid-8C, Xenons X3260-SPT510, Xenons 4740-360, Xenons 4740-360-W

New Cutter Drivers  Aristo : TL 48
AZONColor: CC48W, CC59W
BannerCut: Bannercut 30cm LD, Bannercut 60cm LD, Bannercut 130cm LD, Bannercut 160cm LD, AMU-12, AMU-24, AMU-48, AMU-59
Creation-Pcut: CT-630H, CT-1200H, CT-630C, CT-1200C
CuttingPro: 12L, 24L, 42L, 48L, 59L, AMU-12, AMU-24, AMU-48, AMU-59
DYSS: DYSS-Cutter-LINE  EastSign: EastSign ECP-35, EastSign ECP-48, EastSign ECP-63, EastSign ECP-400, EastSign ECP-600,
Eurolaser: M-800, M-1200, M-1600, XL-1200
GerCutter-Laser: Gercontour-720, Gercontour-720S, Gercontour-1350, Gercontour-1350S
Graphtec GPGL: CE5000-40-CRP, CE5000-60, CE5000-120, CE6000-40, CE6000-60, CE6000-120, FC7000MK2-60, FC7000MK2-75, FC7000MK2-100, FC7000MK2-130, FC7000MK2-160, FC7000-60, FC7000-75, FC7000-100, FC7000-130, FC7000-160, FC8000-60, FC8000-75, FC8000-100, FC8000-130, FC8000-160, FC8600-60, FC8600-75, FC8600-100, FC8600-130, FC8600-160
HBC: 721, 871, 1101,1351, 721M, 871M, 1101M, 1351M, HBC-720-AML, HBC-1350-AML, HBC-720S-AML, HBC-1350S-AML,
Helitin: HT-P600-Water, HT-P900-Water, HT-P1200-Water, HT-P1600-Water, HT-P1800-Water, HT-P600-Eco, HT-P900-Eco, HT-P1200-Eco, HT-P1600-Eco, HT-P1800-Eco, R-500-AML, R-720-AML, R-1350-AML
JINKA: JK-1660, XL-1350, YS-15, JK-AML, JK-721-AML, JK-1351-AML, XL-1350-AML, YS-15-AML
King Rabbit : Rabbit HX-1780
LiYu Cut: AutoMark-AML, AutoMark-AMU
Mimaki: CG-60SRIII, CG-100SRIII, CG-130SRIII
PowerCut: 440-BT, 740-BT, 1300-BT, 1660-BT, AMU-12, AMU-24, AMU-48, AMU-59
Saga: SAGA-AutoMark-AMU
Silhouette: Cameo
SignKey SKseries: SK-720, SK-850, SK-1100, SK-1350
SignKey SKAseries: SKA-720, SKA-850, SKA-1100, SKA-1350, SKA-720H, SKA-1350H
Summa : DC5, DC5sx
USCutter: TITAN 15, TITAN 28, TITAN 53, TITAN2 28, TITAN2 53, TITAN2 68
Vinyl Express : R Series II/R19, R Series II/R24, R Series II/R39, R Series II/R31, R Series II/R44, R Series II/R53, EnduraCUT 2S, EnduraCUT 2

• Xenons: Xenons 4740ASW-Hybrid-8C
• Zund: S3 M-800, S3 M-1200, S3 M-1600, S3 L-1200, S3 L-1600, S3 XL-1200

SAi Flexi and PhotoPRINT 11 Cloud
Build 2092
9 May 2014
New and Improved
Setting the default to No Stroke can now be saved as a preference and will be remembered for all new documents
Fixed an issue where Graphtec Registration Marks would sometimes not print
Custom Color Mapping will now apply even if Ignore Overprint is unchecked
Fixed an issue with Angled Screen Simpledot and Round where sometimes the circles would be cut off
Include Contour Paths option on export to EPS is no longer reset by sending to desktop printers
Fixed a crash that might occur when using the rounding corners tool
Files containing text objects with infinite positions or dimensions will now open correctly
The Measurement tool can now handle paths from clipping masks
Fixed a crash in the Mutoh VJ-1638XEU and VJ-1638WXEU printers in non-English installations
Fixed a Job Start error on the HP FB500 printer
The Job Properties Dialog buttons are no longer clipped on Hebrew operating systems
Thumbnail images for large jobs in the web window are no longer clipped
Contour without RIP and send to 3rd party RIPs has been enabled for Flexi subscriptions. Flexi Design subscriptions can continue to choose one free send to 3rd party RIP.

New Printer Drivers
Hewlett-Packard: Latex 310, Latex 330, Latex 360

SAi Flexi and PhotoPRINT 11 Cloud
Build 2080
14 March 2014
New and Improved
The size of Graphtec registration marks can now be changed. Click the options button for the Graphtec Marks to control margin, length and thickness
Added the option to use single vertical marks for Fotoba marks
Points can now be deleted from linearization measurements. In the Linearization Curve preview, click the point that needs to be removed and hit the delete button on the keyboard when the point changes into a square
Textile Step and Repeat option now allows to choose number of rows to output
Improved the speed of Enhanced Stochastic and of Angled Screen dithers
The Summa barcode can now be printed on top to enable roll-to-roll contour cutting on the Summa S Class models

• Send to Versaworks can now send the job in EPS format even if the file contains transparencies

Bug fixes
Files that have break apart and contour cut applied to text are now printed correctly
Fixed an issue with center aligning multiple copies of print and cut jobs
Production Manager will no longer freeze on start up when one of the job records is corrupted
Curves are now sent correctly to laser cutters at high resolution
Fixed a crash when loading a file with a fan of infinite radius
Opening fs files with fans with infinite start and sweeping angles no longer freezes the software
Spot color mapping dialog now correctly applies icc profiles to the output values
The Summa OPOS XY line is no longer overdrawn with multiple copy layouts
Channel settings of the Color Separation tab that are saved in a preset are now always applied
Fixed an issue with Gray balance
Fotoba bars and color bars can now be combined
Fotoba bars are now applied correctly on nested jobs with multiple copies
Print and Cut jobs sent from Rip and Print will no longer show the print and contour selection in Job Properties
The number of copies is now reset to 1 for each new document sent to a desktop printer.
Fixed a wrong data format error for jobs with Gerber Center Mark
Fixed an issue with multiple copy layout of Roland cut
Rhinestones are now exported to EPS & PDF as circles
Rhinestones no longer change to dots after converting to outlines
Fixed a crash that might occur when there are many temporary bitmaps opened and more bitmaps are being imported
Fixed a display issue with separated rhinestones, that they are not drawn with gradient.
Full Justification for text objects is now applied correctly
Improved Mutoh ValueCut segmentation marks
Presets containing empty font names no longer cause rip error
Profile Maker targets are now rendered correctly when the color mode includes light channels
Fixed a rendering issue of overprinted spot channels in RGB color mode
Crop mark are now applied correctly after loading a preset in the RIP and Print dialog and then selecting to print marks.
Ignore overprint settings in presets are now applied correctly in the RIP and Print dialog
Added the Pause between colors checkbox to the Cut Contour dialog for the optional feature Contour without RIP.
The Find and Replace text tool now deletes characters by replacing them with an empty string
Fixed an issue that the configuration dialog of ink estimation would not work for certain printer devices
The default angle screen settings from the drivers are now applied correctly
Fixed an issue that the cap style would get applied to closed paths when converting strokes to outlines
Printing spot colors as process colors with ignore overprint option unselected now works correctly
The stroke of an object with gradient fill now prints correctly
Subscription licenses will automatically launch License Manager to retrieve the updated license
Fixed an issue with the PhotoPRINT Editor option
Transparent bitmaps now display correctly after rotating
Repeat Job settings are now applied correctly to nested jobs  Added a web link to the update download dialog
•obs with a vertical offset that is not 0 now appear correctly in the HP FB700 job list

FS files now display correct icons and thumbnails on 64-bit Windows
Fixed an error running non-English install manager
Fixed an issue with poll size to a Summa D serial cutter
Opening sign.com from the web window no longer launches a separate web browser

New Printer Drivers
Foison : FY1504C, FY6150C, FY1808C, FY6250X, FY33VC, FY33VCX-8, FY33VCX-12, FY33VBX, FS8160, FS8160T, FS8250, FS-3316
Helitin: HT-4740-Hybrid, HT-4740-Hybrid-5C
Hewlett-Packard : DesignJet T920, DesignJet T1500, DesignJet T2500
Mimaki : UJF-6042
Sid Sign: SID Titan GS, SID Triton 160, SID Triton 250S
Canon: iPF6400SE
Mutoh : VJ-1638X, VJ-1638XW, VJ-1638XEU, VJ-1638XWEU

New Cutter Drivers
Helitin: HT-4740-Hybrid, HT-4740-Hybrid-5C
LiYu Cut: AutoMark Test-AML, AutoMark Test-AMU
Vicsign: HW1600, HL1600, HN1600, HS1600, HWQ1600-AML, HSQ1600-AML, HSQ1200-AMU, HSQ1600-AMU

SAi Flexi and PhotoPRINT 11 Cloud
Build 2020
9 December 2013
New and Improved
Added a button to the Add Setup dialog to test connection with TCPIP printer devices. This allows the software to verify the IP address that was entered.
Improved the Barbieri SpectroPad implementation
Added Support for Summa Barcode for S Class models
General improvements in RIP speed
Added Enhanced Stochastic. This dither allows for faster processing taking asymmetric resolutions into account. In general stochastic dithers are grainier than error based diffusions but they are more forgiving in case of clogged nozzles and printhead misalignments.
Added an option to EPS and PDF export to include or exclude cut contour paths

Bug Fixes
• Crop marks are now printed correctly at very low resolutions
• Autosave now works correctly
• Send to Versaworks no longer crashes when cancelling a job containing transparencies
• Fixed a crash that would occur in color vectorization on certain files
• Shortkeys for grouping and ungrouping are now working correctly
• Fixed a crash that might occur after aligning and deselecting objects
• The cursor will now stay on the text after copy and pasting text
• Fixed an issue with certain casmate fonts that would not load

• The measure tool in Color Specs is now working correctly
• Fixed a crash that might occur on opening certain DXF files
• Fixed an out of memory error that might occur when editing complex gradients
• Braille : single letters now have the 2 dot annotation to indicate a single letter
• The web window will now stay closed after restarting the software
• Fixed an issue with Bezier vectorization on certain files
• End caps on stroke now export correctly to EPS format
• Fixed an issue with printing files containing cutcontour paths with the printer colormode was RGB
• Tiling preview in Job Properties is now correct for certain tiling jobs sent via RIP and PRINT
• Fill color on a contour cut path is now being applied when sending to RIP&PRINT
• Print and cut now match for rotated Multipage PDF files
• Fixed an issue with stripes in output for CMYKW modes at certain resolutions
• Creating presets in Italian now works correctly
• Improved super cell halftoning for angled screen
• Fix an issue printing PDF files with overprinted spot channels
• Media feed adjustments with values over 1.27 are now displayed correctly on the Mutoh VJ-1638EU and 1624EU
• Files containing a spot black color are now mapped correctly to a spot black channel on the Summa DC4sx

New Printer Drivers
• DGI : FTII-1804, FTII-1606
• GCC : JC-720E
• GerPrint : GP 4180W, GP 4180S, GP 4180TS
• Helitin: HT-PC900, HT-PC1200, HT-PC1600
• Mimaki : TS-500, TX-500
• Roland: VersaCAMM VS-640i, VersaCAMM VS-540i, VersaCAMM VS-300i
• SID Signs : SID Titan S
• Xenons : Xenons 4740ASW-Hybrid-5C, Xenons RICOH, Xenons X3260-SPT1020

New Cutter Drivers
• Desay : CF1000-24, CF1000-40, CF1000-50, VC2000-24, VC2000-40, VC2000-50
• GCC: JC-720E
• Helitin : 1800BC+, 500ACI, 500BCI, 720ACI, 720BCI, 870ACI, 870BCI,1100ACI, 1100BCI, 1350ACI, 1350BCI, 1800ACI, 1800BCI, HT-PC900, HT-PC1200, HT-PC1600
• ICUTTER: S30, S60, S30-USB, S60-USB, V30, V60 PRO AutoMark, AutoMark, KOALA, KOALA AutoMark
• Roland: VersaCAMM VS-640i, VersaCAMM VS-540i, VersaCAMM VS-300i
• Teneth: AMU-12, AMU-24, AMU-48, AMU-59
• Vicsign: HW1080, HL330, HL630, HL900, HL1080, HL1200, HN330, HN630, HN900, HN1080, HN1200, HS330, HS630, HS900, HS1080, HWQ330-AML, HWQ630-AML, HWQ900-AML, HWQ1080-AML, HWQ1200-AML, HSQ330-AML, HSQ630-AML, HSQ900-AML, HSQ1080-AML, HSQ1200-AML
• Xenons : Xenons 4740ASW-Hybrid-5C

SAi Flexi Cloud and PhotoPRINT Cloud
Build 1987
23 August 2013
Bug Fixes/Improvements/Changes
• Fixed a license issue with switching between windows user accounts or inserting certain usb devices. This fix requires a license update when running the installer from previous builds
• Fixed an issue that would occur when Flexi and Production Manager are installed on two different computers and one of these computers enters into sleep mode
• Prepared Cloud Window to be ready for the implementation of a layout with folders
• Cloud Window now defaults open each time applications are opened on English systems
• Removed shift+click for cloud window
• Updated the icon for Cloud offline page
• In Designer/Editor, added “Proportional” checkbox to the Design Central Toolbar.
• Improved PDF file text and stroke import
• Fixed an issue with the lens effect causing pixelated edges
• Improved bitmap color vectorization
• Fixed an issue with Send to Versaworks for files containing transparencies
• Fixed an issue with opening files stored in a temporary folder with a location path of over 80 characters
• Improved the way preference manager loads factory default settings
• Added support for input icc profiles version 4
• Fixed an issue with ICC generation in RGB mode
• Fixed an issue with the Eye One IO reading the same chart twice
• Clicking the Save button twice in the Color Profiler window no longer closes the dialog
• Fixed an error in the RGB characterization chart for the HP Z6200
• Color profiler no longer generates an extra blank page for the ECI characterization chart
• Windows 8 support added for the Barbieri LFP
• Fixed the rendering of multi-channel images in PDF files where non-CMYK channel data might be missing
• Fixed a crash during ripping process when color adjustment with light channels was added
• Fixed a color mismatch between the Production Manager preview and the printout
• Fixed the "Ram free" labels in Production Manager
• Fixed an issue with previews of certain TIFF files
• Fixed a crash when opening certain .PSD files directly in Production Manager
• Fixed a crash when printing a tilemap
• Added offset options for Roland EGX engraver models
• Production Manager no longer crashes on exit after adding a .FS file
• Product Manager now reads the correct size of jpg files
• Fixed an issue that sometimes a white line would appear in textile step and repeat when printing with asymmetrical resolution
• Added rotate contour cut jobs before cutting
• Fixed spot black color printing (to print as process colors)
• Object Color Control now displays more precision for low CMYK values
• Fixed a memory issue when generating previews of job reports
• Added the option to print spot CMYK as process colors
• Fixed an issue when importing presets created on Flexi 8.0
• Added ability to skip importing input icc file from ptf file, if the icc already exists
• Fixed a bug passing driver options to spot color mapping swatches
• Improved the angled screen dithering
• Allowed maximum media length to exceed 4000 inches
• Fixed an uninitialized variable error for certain printers

• Reduced spacing around OPOS marks
• Added the function to save macros for the Summa S140T
• Fixed the color order for WWCMYKLcLm color modes for Roland VS series
• Fixed an issue when screen printing on Epson T 5000
• The maximum media width of the Mutoh JV2638EU has now been increased to 2.653m/103.54in
• The Mutoh registration mark no longer has a gap in the border when resizing the job to more than 250%
• Improved the Mutoh ValueCut cutter options and registration marks
• Fixed an offset issue between print and cut jobs on the Mimaki CJV30
• Fixed an issue with the Mimaki usb port for multiple Mimaki printers connected to the same computer
• The Graphtec FC-8000 now applies Advance After Plot correctly
• Fixed an issue with the Graphtec FC-8000 one registration mark for each copy work flow
• Added Repeat Job for Cutting in Production Manager of Expert, Sign and Letter

New Printer Drivers
• AllWin AK-1024-UV14PL, AK-1024-UV14PL-7C, AK-1024-UV42PL, AK-1024-UV42PL-7C, AW-EP180W 8C, AW-EP180S 8C, AW-EP320S, AW-2-180S, AW-2-180W, AE-180T 4C, AE-180T 6C,AE-180T 8C.
• AW AE-S180 8C, YE-S180 8C, AW-EP180S, AW-EP180W, AK-1024-UV14PL, AK-1024-UV14PL-7C, AK-1024-UV42PL, AK-1024-UV42PL-7C, AE-180T 4C, AE-180T 6C, AE-180T 8C
• Blueprint Blueprint K512-35PL-4C, Blueprint K512-35PL-6C
• ColorJet, ColorJet DTR74i-8C, ColorJet DTDS74i-4C, ColorJet DTDS74i-6C
• CrystalJet CJ-F6308IISPT508GS, CJ-F5304IISPT508GS, CJ-UV3206SSPT1020_35PL, CJ-UV3208FSPT1020_35PL, CJ-180ASE, CJ-160ASW, CJ-UVF2605SPT508GS, CJ-UVS2607SPT508GS, CJ-UVS2607SPT1020-35pl, CJ-UVF2605SPT1020-35pl, CJ-F5308IISPT255GS, CJ-F6304IISPT508GS, CJ-F7304SPT508GS
• Design DS-K512-14PLUV, DS-XAARP15+UV, DS-XAAR-P15 4C, DS-XAAR-P15 6C
• Digital Vision Lynx 250FB_UV, Lynx 160E (4colour), Lynx 160SE (6colour)
• Docan Docan-UV1525, Docan-UV2512, Docan-UV2518, Docan-UV2030, Docan-UV2510, Docan-UV3310, Docan-UV5200, Docan-M2, Docan-M6, Docan-M8, Docan-M10
• Fei Young Union FY-UV2508S, FY-3208F_Q, FY-1308L, FY-2308TX
• F-H Union FH-3204K-14PL, FH-3206K-14PL, FH-3208K-14PL, FH-3204K-42PL, FH-3206K-42PL, FH-3208K-42PL, FH-3204P-15PL, FH-3208P-15PL
• Galaxy UD-1812TXLB-4C, UD-1812TXLB-8C
• GCC GCC JC-240E, GCC JC-540E, GCC JC-640E
• GongZheng GongZheng RocketJet_4C, GongZheng StormJet I_4C, GongZheng RocketJet_4C-UV
• HiJet HJ-Konica512-42PL 4C, HJ-Konica512-35PL 4C, HJ-Konica512-14PL 4C, HJ-Polaris512-15PL 4C, HJ-Polaris512-35PL 4C, HJ-Polaris512UV-15PL 4C, HJ-Polaris512UV-35PL 4C, HJ-E6184-C, HJ-E6080UV
• Human Digital HM E-JET1800T, HM XUV-Jet KM1024 MH, HM XUV-Jet KM1024 SH, HM KE-JET3200
• Inwear Inwear-4C DYE, Inwear-4C ECO, Inwear-6C DYE, Inwear-6C ECO, Inwear-6C-2 DYE, Inwear-6C-2 ECO, Inwear-8C
• JinHengFeng JHF KM512-240, JHF CE8-600, JHF CE8-720, JHF P20-KM-8C
• Lecai LC-EasyJet-15W1, LC-EasyJet-15W2
• MeiJet MJ-3204PL-80, MJ-WEP-3204, MJ-WXL-3204, MJ-ZEP-3204, MJ-ZXL-3204, MJ-ZXL-3208C
• Micolor S2628 EX, M3228 EX, MC-8C-LK, MC-8C-OG, MC-T4C, MC-T6C, MC-T8C
• VJ-1617H EU (ValueJet), TrafficJet, RJ-900XEU
• PENTUM TW-3304HA, TW-3306HA, TW-3308HA, TW-3304GA, TW-3306GA, TW-3308GA, TW-

3304HB, TW-3306HB, TW-3308HB, TW-3304GB, TW-3306GB, TW-3308GB, TW-3308HC, TW-3306HC, TW-3316B, TW-3316B+, TW-3304TA, TW-3306TA, TW-3304LE, TW-3306LE, TW-3308LE, TW-33HA, TW-33GA, TW-33HC, TW-33HD, TW-33FD, TW-33LE, TW-X1, TW-X3, TW-M1, TW-M3, TW-M5, TW-M7, TW-S1, TW-S3, TW-V1, TW-V3, TW-V5, TW-V7, TW-U1, TW-U3, TW-SA, TW-2500UV, TW-3306FZ, TW-3200F3, TW-3200F4, TW-3200F6, TW-3200F8, TW-33UV, TW-33FB, TW-33HB, TW-33GS
• ROC ROC-2506
• Roland SOLJET PRO 4 XF-640
• RunJiang Flora-TJet100-8C, Flora-TJet100-6C
• Saven KinColor EL1313
• Scorpion Scorpion SE3300
• ShineColor FLYJET-X382, FLYJET-35K, FLYJET-42K, FLYJET2502-S
• SignStar SignStar-Polaris PQ512 4C, SignStar-Xaar-382-15pl-4C, SignStar-Xaar-382-15pl-6C, SignStar-Xaar-382-35pl-4C, SignStar-Xaar-382-35pl-6C, SignStar-Xaar-382-60pl-4C, SignStar-Xaar-382-60pl-6C, SignStar-Polaris-PQ512-15pl-4C, SignStar-Polaris-PQ512-15pl-6C, SignStar-Polaris-PQ512-35pl-4C, SignStar-Polaris-PQ512-35pl-6C, SignStar-Konica512-14pl-4C, SignStar-Konica512-14pl-6C, SignStar-Konica512-42pl-4C, SignStar-Konica512-42pl-6C, SignStar-1804S, SignStar-SJ-1802S, SignStar-SJ-1802W
• SINOTEC Seron-K8-S-35PL 6C, Seron-K8-C-35PL 6C, Seron-K8-S-14PL 6C, Seron-K8-C-14PL 6C, Seron-K8-S-42PL 6C, Seron-K8-C-42PL 6C, Seron-128-C 6C
• SpecialColor SC-A1600-WG, SC-A1600-OG, ALPHAJET 1600FSA, ALPHAJET 1600FSB
• Sprinter Sprinter-Spectra-PQ512-15-2HC-4C, Sprinter-Spectra-PQ512-15-2HX-4C, Sprinter-Spectra-PQ512-15-4C, Sprinter-Spectra-PQ512-35-4C, Sprinter-PQ512UV-4C, Sprinter-Spectra-PQ512UV-6C, Sprinter-KM512UV-14-4C, Sprinter-KM512UV-14-6C, Sprinter-KM1024UV-14-4C, Sprinter-KM024UV-14-6C, Sprinter-Xaar-P382UV-15-4C, Sprinter-Xaar-P382UV-15-6C, Sprinter-Spectra-PQ512-35-4C, Sprinter-Spectra-PQ512UV-4C, Sprinter-Spectra-PQ512UV-6C, Sprinter-Spectra-PQ512UV-W, Sprinter-Xaar-382-4C, Sprinter-Xaar-128E-4C, Sprinter-Xaar-128+E-4C, Sprinter-Xaar-382D4-4C
• Taimes TMS-T5-512-42PLX12H, TMS-T5-512-14PLX4H, TMS-T5-512-14PLX8H, TMS-T5-1024-42PLX4H, TMS-T5-1024-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-1024-14PLX4H, TMS-T5-1024-14PLX8H, TMS-T7-512-42PLX4H, TMS-T7-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T7-512-42PLX12H, TMS-T7-512-14PLX4H, TMS-T7-512-14PLX8H, TMS-T7-1024-42PLX4H, TMS-T7-1024-42PLX8H, TMS-T7-1024-14PLX4H, TMS-T7-1024-14PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H, TMS-T5-512-42PLX8H
• ThunderJet ThunderJet 1300_4C, ThunderJet 1600_4C, ThunderJet 2600_4C, ThunderJet 3200_4C
• TwinJet Twinjet SJ-1816Pro, Twinjet SJ-3216Pro, Twinjet SJ-1816X7, Twinjet TX-1816Pro, Twinjet TX-1816X7, Twinjet SJ-1607, Twinjet TX-3200K-4C, Twinjet TX-3200K-6C, Twinjet SJ-1605
• WanZhen WZ-UV1525, WZ-UV2512, WZ-UV2518, WZ-UV2030, WZ-UV2510, WZ-UV3310, WZ-UV5200, WZ-M2, WZ-M6, WZ-M8, WZ-M10
• Wit-Color Digital ULTRA2000H4, ULTRA2000H6, ULTRA2000H8, ULTRA2000H12, ULTRA2000H14, ULTRA2000H16, ULTRA3000, ULTRA3000 NEW, ULTRA SKY128-H12, ULTRA SKY128-H12 NEW, ULTRA SKY128-H16, ULTRA SKY128-H16 NEW, ULTRA NOVAH8 NEW, ULTRA NOVAH8 OLD, ULTRA PolarisH4-150-15PL, ULTRA PolarisH4-150-35PL, ULTRA PolarisH4-180-15PL, ULTRA PolarisH4-180-35PL, ULTRA860+, Wit2000H8 Fly, Wit2000H12 Fly, Wit2000H16 Fly, ULTRA Polaris UV H6, ULTRA9100-UV,

ULTRA9100-ECO, ULTRA9100-W, ULTRA9100-DX7-ECO, ULTRA9100-4H, ULTRA9000-TX-4C, ULTRA9000-TX-6C, ULTRA9000-TX-8C, Xenons FlatBed, Xenons 4740 8C, Xenons SPT508, Xenons SPT1020, Xenons X3260-SPT508
• YASELAN YSL-K8-S-35PL 6C, YSL-K8-C-35PL 6C, YSL-K8-S-14PL 6C, YSL-K8-C-14PL 6C, YSL-K8-S-42PL 6C, YSL-K8-C-42PL 6C, YSL-128-C 6C, YSL-S1, YSL-K512-D4C
• ZhongYe ZY-XR128 4C, ZY-XR500 4C, ZY-XR128 6C, ZY-XR500 6C, ZY-XR382 4C, ZY-SK255 4C, ZY-SK510 4C, ZY-HI-JETINK 4C, ZY-XR382 6C, ZY-SK255 6C, ZY-SK510 6C, ZY-HI-JETINK 6C, ZYUV-SK255 5C, ZYUV-SK510 5C, ZYUV-SK255 7C, ZYUV-SK510 7C, ZYUV-SK255 8C, ZYUV-SK510 8C

New Cutter Drivers
• Art Creation ART-1700P
• CutterPros Servo 6400, Contour 6400, CR-630G, CR-1200G
• Foison C60 PRO AutoMark, KOALA, KOALA AutoMark
• GCC GCC JC-240E, GCC JC-540E, GCC JC-640E
• Graphtec FC8600
• Helitin 500A, 500AC, 500BC+, 500B, 720AC, 720BC+, 720B, 720BC, 870AC, 870BC+, 1100A, 1100AC, 1100BC+, 1100B, 1350A, 1350AC, 1350BC+, 1350B, 1800A, 1800AC, 1800BC+, 1800B, 1800BC
• JINKA GC-12, GC-24, GC-30, GC-48, JK-240, JK-330, JK-365
• RF (GER) EH-365, EH-721, EH-871, EH-1101, EH-1351, XL-24, XL-48
• SAGA SAGA-1750I, SAGA-1750II, SAGA-AutoMark
• Vinyl Express Enduracut LX, R53, QE-6000
• Xenons Xenons 4740ASW-Hybrid

SAi Flexi Cloud and PhotoPRINT Cloud
Build 1921
1 Mar 2013
Bug Fixes/Improvements
• Handle mixed units in the calculator
• Improved Installation Manager with better error reporting and user messages
• Fixed poll size for cut dialog
• Fix for Barbieri meter (transmissive Mode)
• Fix errors rendering Asian text in color swatch for ink limit and spot color mapping
• Fix a bug that contour only jobs from RIP and Print dialog cut only once even when repeat count is set to more than 1
• Fix a bug layout multiple copies on dual rolls.
• Fixed generate variable underbase white based on density
• Added Handle 8+ channel Multi-Ink-Limit
• Fix a bug printing red spot color on Summa DC4
• Fix a bug display all objects when the document has a lot of bitmaps
• Change the cloud message box to an alert window that fades away automatically
• Improved speed of rendering of bitmaps of spot channels

• Fix a bug printing PANTONE® color gradients in RGB color mode
• Added option in Color Profiling Multi-Ink-Limit page to use Total-Ink-Limit for Multi-Ink-Limit
• Added import of linearization data in text format
• Changed Multi-Ink-Limit verification chart to go up to 100%
• Fix a buffer overrun initializing print spool record
• Fix localization issue with ICC media profiles that have localized characters
• Fix EPS files with contour cut paths not working when file folder has localization characters

New Printer Drivers
• Mutoh VJ 2638 and 2638EU, RJ-900X, RJ-901X, VJ-1617H
• Mimaki SWJ-320S, Mimaki TS Series
• HP DesignJet T Series, DesignJet L26100
• Epson SC-F Series, SC-B Series

SAi Flexi Cloud and PhotoPRINT Cloud
Build 1907
31 Jan 2013
New and Improved Features
• Window 8 Compatibility
• Cloud Software Licensing
• Cloud Software Download
• Archive to Cloud in Designer/Editor
• SAi Cloud Web Window to Designer/Editor/ProductionManager
o Cloud File Storage Tool in Cloud Window
o FlexiQuote Job Quoting Tool to Cloud Window
o Production Summary Reports in Cloud Window
o Web links to useful information and support
• Open and Edit Transparency Layers in Designer/Editor
• Spot color controls added to the color adjustment tool in Production Manager
• Ability in Production Manager to map named spot colors to process and spot ink channels
• Updated PANTONE+ Spot Color Library (130 New Colors)
• Step-and-Repeat for Textile (Add-on Option)

Bug Fixes
• Overall stability improvements that reduce crashes when using software for long periods of time
• Designer can now handle files larger than 4GB. To save for use in older versions, use Export
• Updated PDF engine with various bug fixes
• Added poll size for hybrid machines
• Fixed issues of tiff files printing only black
• Fixed/improved grayscale printing
• Fixed rare contour cuts issues on hybrid machines
• Other miscellaneous bug fixes

New Printer Drivers

• Canon imagePROGRAF iPF760, iPF765, iPF6400, iPF6450, iPF8400, iPF9400, iPF9400S, iPF6410, iPF6460, iPF8410, iPF9410, iPF9410S
• Epson SC-S30670, SC-S30600, SC-S30610, SC-S30680, SC-S30650, SC-S70600, SC-S70610, SC-S70650, SC-S70670, SC-S50600, SC-T3000, SC-T5000, SC-T7000
• Mimaki JV400-130LX, JV400-160LX, JV400-130SUV, JV400-160SUV
• Mutoh VJ-1624W, VJ-1638W
• Neolt XJet
• Roland VersaArt RA-640, VersaArt RE-640, Hi-Fi JET FH-740, SOLJET PRO 4 XR-640

New Cutter Drivers
• GCC Expert-52, Expert-52 LX
• Graphtec FC4500-50, FC4510-60, CE6000-40, CE6000-60, CE6000-120
• Mutoh ValueCut VC-600, ValueCut VC-1300, ValueCut VC-1800
• Roland SOLJET PRO 4 XR-640
• Summa F Series
• Zund G3 M-1600, G3 M-2500, G3 L-2500, G3 L-3200, G3 XL-1600, G3 XL-3200, G3 2XL-1600, G3 2XL-3200, G3 3XL-1600, G3 3XL-2500, G3 3XL-3200Qualitat 32HS


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